El Terreno House

The main idea of this project was to maintain the same line of the architecture of this newly built house in the center of Palma, which carefully combines the traditional elements (the typical blue Majorcan shutters, the wooden exterior carpentry with decorative panels) with the modern ones (the hammered limestone, ...

Port d’Andratx House

A spectacular project for a newly built modern house near Andratx port, with enormous glass openings towards the sea view. For some renders were used drone photos from the site, while for others a complete 3D environment had to be created. SHARE:

Cas Català House

A project for reconstruction of an old house on the coast of Cas Català (Calvià municipality, Majorca). A noticeable element that gives this house traditional but at the same time modern look is the typical blocks of the traditional white Santanyí sandstone which were used for the façade. SHARE:

Son Servera House

Another spectacular project for a newly built modern house, this time on the eastern coast of Majorca, in Son Servera. As in many other projects we were collaborating on, a combination of the traditional and the modern was achieved by the use of different materials (typical “mares” sandstone for the ...

Mediterranean Villa

A challenging project for a newly built enormous rural estate. The client’s assignment was to be faithful as much as possible to the traditional Majorcan architectural style and therefore an emphasis needed to be put on all the architectural and construction details and as always, the combination of the traditional ...